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Notice the first cup tournament China Sanhe Sushi
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China Hotel Association Document

China Food Association [2016] No. 70

About holding the second session of China's daily material industry development conference

Notice of the First Sancha Cup Chinese Sushi Invitational Tournament of Each Province, Autonomous Region, Municipality Directly under the Central Government, Separately Listed Cities, Provincial Capital Cities, Business Administration Departments, Hotels (Hotels, Restaurants, Restaurants)

Industry Association, member companies, hotel catering and daily business companies and suppliers:

In order to promote the healthy development of the Japanese-style catering industry and enrich the catering industry in China, more attention will be paid to the industry’s commitment to sushi and more practitioners will be able to demonstrate their dreams and spread sushi culture.

, Build a business ecosystem. In order to further expand the connection of the upstream and downstream industry chains, enhance the investment attraction of specialty catering brands, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote the sustainable and steady development of the industry.

Exhibitions, promote the development of specialty catering industry chains and innovations and new technologies. To this end, the China Hotel Association will hold the second session of China's daily material industry development conference in Guangzhou in late December 2016.

The 3rd Cup Chinese Sushi National Invitational. The specific matters are notified as follows:

I. Activity theme

Alliance Cooperation, Collaborative Innovation

Second, time, place

Time: From December 26th to 28th, 2016 (All day on the 25th, on the 26th, all day, on the afternoon of the 26th, on the afternoon, on the evening welcome dinner, on the 27th morning summit forum and awards. 28th on behalf of the return)

Location: Guangzhou Yonghe Villa (Hotel Address: Baihe District, Tongtai Road, Hehe Villa. 020-61132096)

Third, the organization

(a) Organizer

China Hotel Association

(B) Undertaker

China Hotel Association Japanese Cuisine Committee

Sanken Group

IV. Activities

(I) 2016 China Daily Materials Forum

Invites international day material organizations, well-known experts and scholars, and Japanese entrepreneurs to expand the topics of China's daily material development, daily material industry chain, Internet+, and talented person training.

The speeches and dialogues were exchanged and the authoritative issue of the “2016 Consumer Trends from the Perspective of Consumer Needs” survey report. Exchange of information on the important work of the Committee of the 2017 Committee to help the members of the special committee

Ensemble development.

Awarded the 2016 Grand Prix for Japan: China Top 10 Brands, China Daily Leader Brand, Chinese Sushi Shop, China Excellent Daily Entrepreneur, China Top 10 Daily Chef, China Daily Gold

Brand suppliers (service providers).

(II) Inspection of Yangcheng Riwang Store

Guangzhou has always been known as the “city of gastronomy”. In recent years, more and more international friends have come to Guangzhou to open up gourmet restaurants with exotic flavors and colorful foods from around the world.

New food culture experience. The development of Japanese food companies has also entered a high-speed mode.

The largest sushi brand in Guangzhou - Long live sushi

Long lived sushi stands in Guangzhou and develops throughout the country. After more than a decade of continuous development, it has been insisting on the selection of items and adhering to orthodox Japanese cuisine. Introducing customers to represent Japanese tunnels

The classic Dong Yao cuisine, all kinds of sushi, sashimi, dishes, fried foods, rice noodles pasta, hot pot, salad, dazzling, readily available. The diversified Dongqian cuisine is favored and loved by customers.

Regardless of whether it is in production or in style, Long live all occupy a leading position.

The earliest introduction of domestic brands - the vitality of sushi

Genki Sushi pioneered the revolution of sushi and promoted the Japanese sushi culture. It crossed the borders of nationality and made it even more popular, allowing the world to experience traditional Japanese food culture. Yuan Qishou

The company is determined to continue to innovate and introduce more diversified sushi cuisine to cater to customers' ever-changing tastes.

Sanken Group--sushi smart device

Sanken has created a number of domestic materials equipment in the domestic first, in the daily production equipment, research and development, follow-up services, adhere to quality first, service first, reputation first.

(3) The First Sancha Cup Chinese Sushi Invitational

According to the entry criteria set by the organizing committee, it is divided into group competitions and individual competitions, and competitions set up sushi production competitions. Competitors will be awarded the sushi contest based on the results of the competition and the proportion of the entries

Sports gold medals, gold medals and individual gold medals, gold and silver medals.

Competition content:

(1) Content of the game

1. Holding a Sushi: Each player produces a sushi on the spot for 20 minutes.

2. Creative Sushi: Each contestant produces a creative sushi (content, form, practice, and ingredients) for 20 minutes.

3, Each sushi is made in two copies and one shows a review.

4. The organizing committee shall set up five industry experts to form an on-site assessment team (3 material masters, 1 enterprise representative, and 1 representative)

(I) Judging content and scoring method

1. On-site operation performance evaluation content: Judging according to forming, cooking, saving and practical, safety and health, competition in the field.

(1) The forming process is orderly, the movements are well-coordinated, and the appliances are used properly.

(2) The cooking process is reasonable, the cooking method is used properly, and the appliance is used properly.

(3) The operation is in line with the actual conditions in the industry. The use of raw materials is reasonably green and healthy. The waste is handled properly and there is no waste.

(4) Personal hygiene meets the requirements, the operation process is safe, the site is clean and orderly, the raw materials are kept safe and sanitary, and the apparatus is clean and sanitary.

(5) Comply with the rules and regulations of the competition and complete the production of the works independently on time.

2. Judging content of the work: judging according to the aspects of perception, taste, texture, nutrition and health, and practicality.

(1) Beautiful appearance, neat specifications, natural color, coordination of trays, proper use of tableware.

(2) Appropriate taste, pure taste, prominent flavor, proper seasoning, no bad smell.

(3) A proper fire and a clear texture meet the characteristics of taste.

(4) The work is clean and hygienic, separates raw and cooked, embellishment is properly decorated, and nutrition is reasonable.

(5) It is highly edible and practical, and the quantity meets the requirements.

(III) Venue equipment and raw materials

Basic equipment: console, refrigerator, microwave oven.

Tableware: 16-inch round white plate.

Basic spices: including edible oil, sugar, soy sauce, salt, vinegar.

V. Participants

National daily material companies, high-star hotels, leisure catering, daily food distribution, kitchen equipment manufacturers, catering industry base, daily material education and training institutions, industry investment agency personnel, and industry associations

Representatives and so on.

VI. Meeting costs

1. Registration requirements: Participants should fill in the information carefully and email it to the China Hotel Association before December 15.

2. Meeting costs: 1800 yuan/person, including conference fees, information fees, city transportation fees, meals during the conference, study fees, tasting sessions. Please arrange remittances in advance and do not accept registration at the scene.

3. Competition registration fee: 600 yuan/person in individual competitions and 2,000 yuan/group in team competitions, including competition venues, basic seasonings, awards ceremony, clothing fees, and certificate medal production fees.

4, booth fee: 5,000 yuan. Includes: venue fee, tables and chairs.

5. The accommodation will be arranged in a unified way and the expenses will be self-care.

Account Name: China Hotel Association

Bank: Bank of China Beijing Yantan Branch

Account number: 336 356 032 944

Seven, contact method

1, China Hotel Association Daily Committee

Contact: Xing Cheng 13910585635, Jin Yong 13311217711

Contact Tel: 010-68391597, 683912456

Fax: 010-68391597

Mailing address: No. 25, Yuetan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 1509 (100834)

2. China Hotel Association's Daily Committee Shanghai Office

Contact person: Zhao Gang 13621988550, Liang Li 18964175177, Qiang 13917176056

Address: 2F, No. 1683 Lianhua Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (201103)

3. Sanhe Group

Contact person: Wu Wenying 13430397308, Li Yuyan 13424462567, Shen Guiyin 18665609285

Fax: 020-36398170

Address: No. 2, Yiheng Road, Huanqi Industrial Zone, Shijing Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Attachment 1: Daily Receipt Form

Attachment 2: Registration Form for Sushi Competition


Participation receipt form

mailing address
Zip code
Cell phone
Office Phone
brand name
Number of stores
Annual turnover
Participant's namegenderJob titleCell phonestay

□Share together □ Private room

□Share together □ Private room

□Share together □ Private room
Registration time
Report Award

□ 2016 China Top Ten Brands          □2016 China Day Brand Leaders

□2016 Chinese Sushi Shop             □2016 China Excellent Japanese Entrepreneur

□ 2016 China's top ten daily chef

□2016 China Daily Gold Supplier (Service Provider)

Unit views

Attachment 2:

First Sancha Cup Chinese Sushi Invitational Player Registration Form

Technical titles
Length of service
Current position
ID number
Mobile phone (required)


mailing address
Zip code

Sushi making
Hold the sushi name

Creative Sushi

Names and Practices

Group competition


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